Over 85 Years of Experience in Aviation Fuel Storage

ABA-CON designs, builds and installs custom aviation fuel storage equipment. Additionally, we provide maintenance and repair as requested.

Burnie Whitten and Ardy Ballard started ABA-CON in November of 2008. Stephen Reaves joined the company in early 2009

Burnie Whitten has worked in the aviation fuel storage industry for over 45 years. His experience includes working with large corporate airlines and as a long-time owner of a fuel storage company. Burnie holds a Florida State Certified Pollutant Storage License.

Ardy Ballard has been in the aviation fuel storage business for over 25 years and holds a Florida State General Contractors License.  Ardy’s experience includes design and specification development of aviation fuel system storage and distribution systems.  

Stephen Reaves has over 15 years experience as a project manager.  He manages all construction projects with on-site administration and proper quality control for ensuring projects are completed on time and due budget.  Additionally, Stephen provides necessary coordination and planning for contractors and subcontractors.   

Between the three of them, they have designed and installed over 500 fuel systems. These systems are located throughout  the Continental US, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, South Africa and South America.

ABA-CON’s target market is the general and corporate aviation industry. Customers are attracted to our product because of the quality, ease of use and built in safety features. When a tank is designed and built by ABA-CON, customers know they are getting the very best for the price.